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Orthodox Liturgical Music


  1. The Beginning of the Indicition, or Church New Year.
  2. Martyrs Mamas and his parents, Martyrs Theodotus and Rufina.
  3. Hieromartyr Anthimus, Bishop of Nicomedia and those with him. Venerable Father Theoctistus.
    1. Great Vespers.
    2. Divine Liturgy.
      1. Troparion to St. Anthimus (Tone 4 - Abbreviated "Greek" Chant)
      2. Troparion to St. Theoctistus (Tone 8 - Common Chant)
      3. Kontakion to St. Anthimus (Tone 4 - Abbreviated "Greek" Chant)
  4. Hieromartyr Babylas of Antioch; Prophet Moses the God-seer.
  5. Prophet Zachariah and Righteous Elizabeth, parents of the Forerunner.
  6. The Commemoration of the Miracle of the Archangel Michael in Colossae.
  7. Forefeast of the Nativity of the Theotokos.
  8. The Nativity of the Theotokos.
  9. The Holy and Righteous Ancestors of God, Joachim and Anna.
  10. Martyrs Menodora, Metrodora, and Nymphodora.
  11. Venerable Theodora of Alexandria.
  12. Hieromartyr Autonomus of Italy.
  13. Forefeast of the Exaltation of the Cross
  14. The Universal Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross.
  15. Great-martyr Nicetas the Goth.
  16. Great-martyr Euphemia the All-praised.
  17. Martyrs Sophia and her daughters Faith, Hope, and Love.
  18. Eumenius the Wonder-worker, Bishop of Gortyna.
  19. Martyrs Trophimus, Dorymedon, and Sabbatius.
  20. Great-martyr Eustathius and his family.
  21. Apostle Quadratus of the Seventy.
  22. Hieromartyr Phocas of Sinope.
  23. The Conception of the Forerunner.
  24. New-martyrs of Alaska: Juevanly the Protomartyr of America and Peter the Aleut.
  25. Repose of Venerable Sergius of Radonezh.
  26. The Repose of the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian.
  27. Martyr Callistratus and his companions.
  28. Venerable Chariton the Confessor, Abbot of Palestine.
  29. Venerable Cyriacus the Anchorite of Palestine.
  30. Hieromartyr Gregory, Bishop and Enlightener of Greater Armenia.









  1. Prophet Jeremiah.
  2. Athanasius, the Great, Patriarch of Alexandria.
  3. Martyrs Timothy the Reader & his wife Maura of Egypt.
  4. Venerable Virgin-martyr Pelagia of Tarsus.
  5. Great-martyr Irene of Thessalonica.
  6. Righteous Job the long-suffering.
  7. The Apparition of the Sign of the Cross over Jerusalem.
  8. Synaxis of the Apostle & Evangelist John the Theologian.
  9. Prophet Isaiah.
  10. Apostle Simon the Zealot.
  11. Hieromartyr Mocius, Priest in Macedonia.
  12. Epiphanius, Bishop of Salmis in Cyprus.
  13. Virgin-martyr Glyceria of Heraclea & her Jailer Laodicius.
  14. Martyr Isidore of Chios.
  15. Venerable Pachomius the Great.
  16. Venerable Theodore the Sanctified, Disciple of Pachomius the Great.
  17. Apostle Andronicus & Junia of the Seventy.
  18. Martys Theodotus of Ancrya & the 7 Virgin-martys with him.
  19. Hieromartyr Patrick, Bishop of Prussa, and those with him.
  20. Martyrs Thalelaeus the Unmercenary Healer and his Companions Alexander & Asterius.
  21. Equals-to-the-Apostles Emperor Constantine & his Mother Helen.
    1. Great Vespers.
    2. Divine Liturgy.
      1. Troparion (Tone 8 - Common Chant)
      2. Kontakion (Tone 3 - Common Chant)
  22. Martyr Basilicus of Comana.
  23. Venerable Michael the Confessor, Bishop of Synada.
  24. Venerable Simeon the Younger of the Wonderful Mountain.
  25. The Third Finding of the Head of the Forerunner.
  26. Apostles Carpus & Alpheus of the Seventy.
  27. Hieromartyr Therapon, Bishop of Sardis.
  28. Nicetas, Archbishop of Chalcedon.
  29. Virgin-martyr Theodosia of Tyre.
  30. Venerable Issac the Confessor, Founder of the Dalmatus Monastery in Constantinople.
  31. Apostle Hermas of the Seventy.




  1. The Procession of the Wood of the Precious Cross.
  2. Translation of the Relics of the Protomartyr Stephen the Archdeacon.
  3. Venerable Isaac, Dalmatus, and Faustus.
  4. The Seven Youths of Ephesus.
  5. Forefeast of the Transfiguration.
  6. Transfiguration.
    1. 1st Antiphon (Lesser Znamenny Chant)
    2. 2nd Antiphon (Lesser Znamenny Chant)
    3. Troparion (Tone 7 - Common Chant)
    4. Kontakion (Tone 7 - Common Chant)
    5. Prokeimenon (Tone 4 - Znamenny Chant)
    6. Alleluia (Tone 8 - Znamenny Chant)
    7. Hymn to the Theotokos (Tone 4 - Abbreviated Kievan Chant)
    8. Koinonikon (Tone 8 - Modern Greek Chant)
  7. Venerable-martyr Dometius of Persia.
  8. Emilian the Confessor, Bishop of Cyzicus.
  9. Glorification of Venerable Herman of Alaska.
  10. Martyr and Archdeacon Lawrence of Rome.
  11. Martyr and Deacon Euplus of Catania.
  12. Martyrs Photius and Anicetus of Nicomedia.
  13. Apodosis of the Transfiguration.
  14. Forefeast of the Dormition.
  15. The Dormition of the Theotokos.
    1. Great Vespers:
    2. Divine Liturgy:
      1. Troparion (Tone 1 - Common Court Chant)
      2. Kontakion (Tone 2 - Common Court Chant)
      3. Prokeimenon (Tone 3 - Znamenny Chant)
      4. Alleluia (Tone 2 - Znamenny Chant)
      5. Hymn to the Theotokos (Tone 1 - "Greek" Chant)
      6. Koinonikon (Tone 8 - Modern Greek Chant)
  16. The Translation of the Icon of the Lord Not-Made-by-Hands.
  17. Hieromartyr Myron of Cyzicus.
  18. Martyrs Florus and Laurus of Illyria.
  19. Martyr Andrew the General.
  20. Prophet Samuel.
    1. Great Vespers.
    2. Divine Liturgy.
      1. Troparion (Tone 2 - Common Court Chant)
      2. Kontakion (Tone 8 - Common Court Chant)
  21. Apostle Thaddeus of the Seventy.
  22. Martyr Agathonicus of Nicomedia and those with him.
  23. Martyr Lupus, servant of the Great-martyr Demetrius.
  24. Hieromartyr Eutychus, Disciple of John the Theologian.
  25. Return of the Relics of the Apostle Bartholomew Apostle Titus, Bishop of Gortyna.
  26. Martyrs Adrian and Natalia his wife and those with them.
  27. Venerable Pimen the Great.
  28. Venerable Moses the Ethiopian.
  29. The Beheading of the Forerunner and Baptist John.
  30. Alexander, John, and Paul the New, Patriarchs of Constantinople.
  31. Placing of the Belt of the Theotokos.

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